50 Cent

A little water gun action, lol




My nigga be a father


The gucci on your feet


@50cent I FUCKN LOVE YOUR A❤️❤️


I’m really enjoying seeing 50 like this...... ❤️


change that to a real gun and boom


Fity aqui en rd


Eres el megor 50


thats cute


Gucci doWn to the socks @50cent


Haha..Daddy and son so much fun


Where's his shooter? No fair!! Haha! #Queens


In the gucci slides and socks


@itsaleciab awww he said sorry lol goals


@50cent and all the time i think only the German wear white socks in sandals 😂👌🏽


Aw to cute!!!


Come on fif.... Socks with sandals?! You better than that bruh.


There u go shooting ya kid , first son on power know this lol!! Best show on network.🙌🏽


ia uita l fa si p asta.. sosete cu papuci @natalia_mitrut


the life we were meant to live.


I like that 50 that lil man WL always proud of u 50


Can u imagine how Lil man feels,? bet you're a real super hero to him


Tha't a hot Shot🔥🔥LH3


@soerasrobin detta er mærli når han får kid @martinmaerli


My man's in his gucci

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