My mouth is bored all the time.

My mouth is bored all the time.



You are serious a 25 year old with a savant 🧠 Brain. Happy Birthday you β€œyoungard’ πŸŽ‚@garyvee


@njscholar we need to find out what this phrase is


@aknezevic8 izgovori....


@preetigurbani proud to be ur korean friend


@tova_larsson jag typ hella tiden


For malaysian chinese, we will say β€œmy mouth is itchy” hahaha


@heyslata das sollten wir auch einfΓΌhren


In Turkish we say "I feel like dirty-throating". damn just realized how wrong it sounds in English...


@katerinado_ τέτοια ΞΈΞ± σας λέω σΡ λίγο καιρό...


@moawessel my mouth is bored all the time tooπŸ˜‚


my mouth is always bored


@brundaitis yes yes. My mouth is boooorrrreeeddd


Us all the time @nikitachandu

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