Now I have this in my back pocket.

Now I have this in my back pocket.



If u hold ur body together, there would be less air resistance making u fall faster, if u extend ur body out like a star it will do the opposite.. you can redirect each arm and leg to be able to change directions while free falling


@soulreaper707 because hitting water at that speed, that u build up from free falling, is dangerous... water tension will make if feel as if u fell onto concrete..


yeah sure like I'll just direct my body to a f****ng RV or mobile home......thanks for the heads up though


Why does everyone think it’s impossible to maneuver in the air. How do you think skydivers do it


5o passo lembrar-me que devia ter desligado o telemóvel antes do avião partir


4o passo levantar-me pedir ajuda ou ligar a uma ambulância


3o passo antes aterrar virar-me de costas para não cair de cabeça


2o passo voo Falcão em direção à carrinha


1o passo encontrar um carrinha de preferência estacionada


@nuno.marmelo ahahahahahahh bem para o caso de ter o azar de estar a cair de um avião (nunca se sabe, pode acontecer), e caso esteja numa área urbana vou tentar cair em cina de uma carriva.


Yes mate, why not turning around flying from your window straight in your bed


@ayush_x7x and then you stepped on a LEGO! Boom


Yup just gonna steeeeeeer a bit to the left...


Why not aim at the river ? Huh?...


@fdiaz_1 easy, youll figure it out fast


@argie.88 then you'll probably die just searching for them XD


@ayush_r8 it's been almost 6 days. Shall I assume your aim missed? :P


Umm.. okay?


... as if you could ''aim''? 😯😁


aye fam I'm falling off a plane lemme just quickly look for one of these...


I have a better chance at surviving if I don't jump off the plane.


Very helpful ill try tomorrow


first find the mobile house 😂


Like you can decide where to fall while dying (because you'll die for sure) 🙄😂


As if we can choose where to fall😂👏


What if no RV or mobile home? 🤔

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