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DEMI I I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍


my heart hurts, ily


Ooowwww 🙊😅


@aylen_azcona que gorda ni que nada ._. Mentiraaaa te pareces un montón a ella


@giselhermosa ahora estoy mas gorda que nunca. Ya no le parezco😢😭 😂jajaj


I just wanted to say that I just watched your documentary and You have incredible power, strength and determination to conquer what you have and you are truly a amazing role model, I hope as I get older and one day have kids they have as great role models as I had. Congrats Demi, you are amazing! 😘❤️




Why do you do that? Why you do this to me?? I'm dying here!!


@bocarosablog This for you my little cat ??


I miss you baby ♥️


What polaroid app is this?




We definitely need to date 😏 @ddlovato


Ä° love you so much


😜😜😜😜 so cute




neden bu kadar güzelsiniz demi hanım?


I love you so much 😍

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