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FOX shock options are now available for your Ski-Doo Summit! Check out all the options at #HayDays2017 or our website! @fox #NeverStopPushing @ashley_chaffin @tony_jenkins




@graham_rob that record is truly stuck eh !


sweet that'd be awesome cant wait


@sledding_is_life we apologize. Epic beats coming your way next time.


@bushyy90 @saighwhat unfortunately the FOX shocks are not a spring order option.


volume???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? none of ur videos ever have volume going to unfollow soon cause it gives me interest then


I sure hope they are more reliable then anything else on the 2017 850. Those things are garbage


@mpagonis1 my prick did the exact same thing while watching this




Can you get it for the XRS??


@bushyy98 good question. Ski doo has always been famous for releasing something really cool after you already placed your spring order .


If we snow checked, can we still add that option before it comes? @skidooofficial

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