50 Cent

SIRE BIG 5 video, check him out. #50centralbet




Queens get the money


Real dad's do real things.... @50 we need more caring black father's like you and many more, you gone live forever my nigga.


@roadroyce10 knows the name of the video song??


@tctourmgmtllc knows the name of the video song?


@kenyon_kenny knows the name of the video song??


Very beautiful video and videos in killer ways just wanted to say a special thanks with blesses off lights of darkness and true an Angels done make us lonely if we are alone that's same exactly obeyed to make humans do same direction in skies thank you God it's the glorious


Happy birthday to you friend be blessed from names one who loves you and it forever loves you like special of the specialist an Angels may come to save , secure like candles of the glorious may gives you true blessing amen Happy Birthday You Jesus Christ loves you respectful obeying for more of the glorious to be connected with humans are awaits for all dreams of promises I love to say thanks 50 Cent prayers of an Angels powers you be truly blessed from names of one true that straight loves all of us thank you bro


I wish I was there drawing caricatures for everybody dope party 🎉


It has potential


@jaylajabria everybody goes to great wolf now




Are y'all Sure Fif is Broke????


Wow, where's his black family at🤔 let him get to know his roots


Paizão da poxa ❤️❤️❤️👊🏿😎


If that's his 5th what's his 18th gunna look like


Daphne just who Ive been looking You Big Kid Who you get that abortion About I'm here To tell Everybody Me Bitch I got the craving Where your Bulge exactly your greedy Bitch He don't want you No More Anybody want Daphne She's Available


Happy Birthday.


You need to get back with baby momma for realllll she is amazing @50cent


Happy Belated Sire 🎉🎈🎁❤️😘


That's littt Fif 💪🏾 Good Dadddy 👏🏾


Happy Belated Lil man.


Awww tears ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @50cent He loves you so much!!! Daddy's lil man is getting big!!!!

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