Damian Lillard

Checking in at 190 lol... strong and fast babyyyyy




#govegan don’t be a selfish person! If you want to gain weight! It’s got nothing to do with a vegan diet, it’s calories in vs calories out!!! More bananas 🍌


@adriannnj_ watch what the health


@adriannnj_ moronic again


Nice Congrats! Welcome to Vegan Nation! #VegansRock


I see ya never swapped out the dining chairs, same stuff I saw when the house was for sale. @damianlillard


Good looks


Vegan triples and ☝️ all night.


Beautiful beautiful welcome to the clubπŸ’œπŸ’•


Hey check out Dr. McDougall if you want to get a Dr. Opinion on the best Vegan diet!


Who's your chef. The food looks amazing!


Plant-based and organic the best way to go πŸ™


@overtheboarderorganic funniest comment of the day!


Damian - don't bother with the psycho vegans... like the ones yelling veganism is not a diet. It is as much a diet as any other label. The coiner of the term vegan - said the human body does not need animal products. That would make veganism a diet. Veganism will always be a diet and whatever else anyone wants to add to it. But to avoid the idiots - u could say you are plant based only. Gets rid of the rude comments. Cheers on changing your diet tho- feeling lighter and more energy is definitely what you will get. Just remember to eat enough! πŸ‘Š


Damn man such a good role model, nothing but #respect


Wooooo! πŸ™ŒπŸŒ±


@gfxkid damn I'm bout to weigh in at 190 if I keep drinking like this


When you're ready for your "treat meal" check out @FarmSpirit Best fine dining vegan experience you will ever have!!!


Dopeeeeeee Damian!!!


Yaaaasssss!!! Take your health back from the powers that be that wish illness upon us POC🌱✨


That's whats up brother.. welcome to to VEGAN CLUB! You're going to do wonderful things. πŸ‘ŠβœŒοΈ

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