Happy Transplant Day!!! 😇 @SeattleChildrens






very kind!


you make such a difference to these families. Thank you so much for all of the love you show to people going through such hard times. God bless you.


This is why we all love you bro...the epic football play is a bonus


You are such a blessing, don't ever lose the special qualities that God put in you... 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽


Is this a cystic fibrosis related transplant? Sending prayers.


It's nice to see there are still some good people in the world 🌎❤️🐶


Great photo please work on that logo it's terrible look like some Childish kids drew that and it looks mean we're not a mean team are you a mean guy stop it please stop it


@dangerusswilson Thank you for taking the time to meet with Jedi! We have been praying for him for several months now! His family really appreciates the support! ❤️


Prayers up




Praying for a successful speedy recovery!


Nurse just keeps workin'! 😊


Man as much as I don't want to like your football team. You're one hell of a man, much respect Russel.


This is so cute, but look, TROLLS!


I love the fact that you visit Children's Hospital. Children's has a special place in my heart. I spent many months there in 1990 with my daughter and first grandchild. He was the first pediatric liver transplant recipient at Children's.


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This man is just everything.


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