Marlon Wayans

TONIGHT! WEDNESDAY @nbcmarlon has two NEW HILARIOUS episodes. DON'T MISS IT! 9 & 9:30pm on @nbcmarlon

TONIGHT! WEDNESDAY @nbcmarlon has two NEW HILARIOUS episodes. DON'T MISS IT! 9 & 9:30pm on @nbcmarlon




So I am just watching the show... and man let me to you very funny and so relatable.


Love your show... catching up on my recordings now 😍


Lmbo, in real life, this would be me!! 😂😂😂 @marlonwayans


@marlonwayans Hello! My kid's health problem, heart, at 4 years allowed the operation, but we ourselves do not have the opportunity. I turn to people for help. If there is an opportunity to help us.mir is not without good people. we can not pay. Tell us the help, a little later we will be restored and we will return everything .. I beg you, you are good people, give the gods of health, help my baby. Help! Yours faithfully Leonid.mir to you.🙏🙏🙏


I love this show it's fucking hilarious I haven't laughed out loud to myself in a while every epidsode has some funny shit !!!!!!!!!!!


I laughed so hard during this episode 😆😆


Love love love this show!! It doesnt even lookike acting ! 💙


This was funny 😂 definitely when he came back on the hospital bed with his son @marlonwayans had me dying laughing 😂


@marlonwayans I cried laughing at yo crazy ass on the #HospitalParty. When u did that roll coming between those double doors, that did it. I love this show.


I love this show. I'm watching the latest ep on Hulu right now. @marlonwayans you always been my favorite Wayans brother.❤️


😂😂 I love this show @marlonwayans


This was #Classic lol 😂 #HospitalParty 🎊 loved it!


This scene was HILARIOUS! 😂😂😂


Hello @marlonwayans I looked at Season 1 Episode 7 WOW. MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS. It got a NEW RECORD with 5.5 million viewers. It beat Season 1 PREMIERE with 5.3 million viewers but Episode 8 got 3.7 million viewers on @nbc last night. @agt got 11.7 million viewers at 8pm. I'm sure you will get RENEWED for a 2nd season despite 9:30pm episodes are doing badly in the ratings. @cbs_bigbrother got 6.3 million viewers @salvationcbs got 3.5 million viewers "VERY POOR" The show is still likely to be CANCELLED after just 1 season on @cbstv #masterchef got 3.6 million viewers on @foxtv It was down from last week's episode. @abcnetwork and #CWNetwork both aired REPEATS. I've done my research 😀


Yeah, Kenny Tyler is coaching little league now


Lol i saw this


I was crying I laughed so hard. I have a favorite new show. #DrPepper #HospitalParty


Love the show@marlonwayans and my youngest son Nathan 10yrs old loves it as well!! He wanted to stay up past his bed time last night being it was a school night to watch the 9:30pm show as well lol:)


Em que canal da Sky passa? @marlonwayans


Omg this part of the episode was CLASSIC MARLON WAYANS! WAYANS BROS RIP MISTER GIBBS STYLE LMAO " Don't take Mr Gibbs from me" lmaooooo


Just watched naked loved it great movie keep up the great work and it gave me a senseless feel thats awesome @marlonwayans


@marlonwayans..thank you for being a Absolutely Wonderful actor, You are Hilarious. . A Legend. ..Sir


Check out @marlonwayans show. Hilarious 😂 #support


Love that #tishacampbell look from House Party 🎉


this was sssooooo extra....and super hilarious




Love the Show. Can I come to the viewing party next week?😏


😂😂😂"that's why I took them Jordans back and got ya ass some Starburys" 😂😂 disrespected him lmao


Too bad I can't catch the show on Wednesday night​ (work) guess I'll record it on my DVR


Saw it LOL can't wait for the next!


She looks like you @shaunaj11


I looooove this show!!


you so funny bot in crying 🤣🤣 just saw u on access Hollywood clowning tom cruise.


I watched @nbcmarlon show for the first time when I was stuck in the hospital for a week from complications from giving birth... my son was in the nicu and I was so sad... the show was the funniest thing I had ever seen ... omg #marlonwayans it had me laughing the whole time .... it really made me feel good at a such a terrible time in my life ... I just want to thank you for being so creative and funny ... you bring so many ppl joy

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