50 Cent

Time to clean up, CHECK OUT the New BET 9/27 10:30 pm 50Central we lit πŸ”₯




Regalame una para mi family


always the blacks show the money, you have complex or somethingπŸ€”


Please send me $1,000 to my cash app (($Phalisha)) I’m serious that all I need Thanks in Advance


Hahahaha jk tho


I was all pumped cause i got some haircut money and grab a bite to eat....fuck life now... damn 50... fuck it now.


I know you read some of these and I know you gamble, idk if you golf. But If you’re ever trying to get down on a golf course I got 50Gs. I just wanna say I took 50 stacks from 50 one time, you got time to make all that bread I know you can find some time to drop some πŸ˜‚


Sure would solve alot of my problems right now!! DAMM


Lemme get a dollar bruh πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ @50cent


Just one bills i be happy loll


Lol how many homes you own?


I have more Money BRO


😭 Lemme hold something big homie πŸ’―πŸ‘€


That would solve alot of my problems right now @50cent


I need that bag πŸ’Ό it's hard out here


That money better not be a fake


Stop!!! That's how Kim K-west got robbed. Don't show off. People will believe you have millions stacked next to your fireplace. Don't put yourself in harm's way.


Them bags fr


Meant to say to get some of that


What I needs to do to some of that lol


Ure real 50.i got money. U remember ed?


i need a loan


Hmu with some?

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