"Long weekends call for even longer naps" writes @henrythecoloradodog

"Long weekends call for even longer naps" writes @henrythecoloradodog 




@ashannondwyer for real tho dont even


Preciosa Foto 😍😍


Sooooooo sweeeetttt!!!!❀️❀️❀️


I did a double take.. our family dog had light brown on her ears and a spot just like that! I pray this is how she's spending her days in doggie heaven.


So so beautiful 😍


@trooodles ah jaysus! I want a dog 😭😭😭


@bobsergram nawwwwww look at him!!!


@lklueder omg this is awesome! So cute!!!β™‘β™‘β™‘


Camping? Sleeping bag?


@amod1 No problem! It took us 3 years to think of kids bags haha


@henrythecoloradodog thank you! I have a big dog too and will start looking at kids bags. Why didn't I think of that?!? πŸΊπŸ•οΈ


@ohhnanna I dunno what it is about this Pic but it makes me wanna go home and snuggle Benny 😍


To cute


Fantastic pic!! πŸ’• and lovely doggie πŸΎπŸ’•


@bratalie heart. Melting.


@kimberschmitt He really does, he snores through the night now when we camp!


@henrythecoloradodog that's really a great idea! He looks like he loves it!


@kimberschmitt Nope it's a kids sleeping bag! Henry is too big and doesn't fit in dog sleeping bags.


Perfect dog life ! So happy to see photo like this !


He looks comfy😎

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