I wish I was a college student back at that time.

I wish I was a college student back at that time.




Bring this back 😭😭😭


You can, just not in the "greatest country in the world"


Not only that a house in London in the 1960s was a two-year-teachers salary.


nw the situation z being worst


Dealing drugs


@khoozyying totally agree


@iqaijjj life sucks now. Lol


I made it possible in 2007 to 2012 @barun2.0


@qtbrenz ummm I dunno, mom may beg to differ


Or it could be a part of the taxes so that it's free for everyone (except the material) :)))) this useless system isn't in all countries, in some countries we all have the same chance to go to college/university


17k per semester where I'm at. Fuck that. Lol


@modi.shubham7 lolz uv spent 1000$ on a bicycle.. we still hv those days..😂


@harsh.m24 those were the days.


And now a minimum wage would only cover prelims not enough for even one semester


@cortneyidk wouldn't that be nice


Then the U.S govt stepped in and messed it up


the fact that you cant anymore shows how the economy is actually growing. It means that the federal reserve has implemented a numerous number of expansionary monetary and fiscal policies which stimulates the economy. Though it may cause a bit of inflation, the economy would be better off with lower interests rates and more investors.


In 1944 a man entered mc donalds and ate a burger , after when hes done he farted , it has been recorded as the longest fart in the 20th century lasted for one minute thirty three seconded 1:33 minutes


And then the Volker decided to fuck up everything for everyone

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