True that.

True that.



That proves men are loyal


Hahaha.....does it really apply to the situation atm @jasonsmith99


@anaribeiro_fernandes not all breakups are caused by a fight...


Sometimes it's different tho


@emaaanrosales nakamove on ka na ba talaga? HAHAHAHA


Too bad they ruined it then


@noam_krichli אני מרגישה חזק יותר


@katya_puro רואהה אהבלה


U still thinking about her (u never tell me her name) @nischesingh0036


Nope... My bf dumped me and already has a gf


Point 1 = untrue. Point 2 = true


@emily_verratti Hahahaha this!!!!


If getting over means getting under another, than yeah I buy it.

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