Marlon Wayans

This is me looking at haters like.... "are you done yet"?

This is me looking at haters like.... "are you done yet"?




@tracieleaphart I fell out when he called him that!


Such a great show!!! Me and my family watch it together. You know it's great when every generation can appreciate it!


The show is funny!!! Keep it coming


When are you making a movie?


To funny 😂


Poor Coach Doug


This part was so hilarious ..... The Wreak It Ralph :)


Lmao same


😂😂😂 u had me laughing from start to finish


Wreck it Ralph xD


I loved @marlonwayans from back in the day "Mo Money" o.m.g I had the biggest freaking crush


I was weak when dude handed @marlonwayans the whistle


Wreck it Ralph!! 😆😆😆


Same! Also I love ur show sm I watch it all the time and record every episode. I LOVE IT ITS HILARIOUS😍🤣


I very happy for you!! You and All the members in your family are painfully talented!! I still remember watching the Wayans' Brother! Falling out of bed laughing! I also you to sneak and watch In living Color, as I grew up in Germany and I wasn't allowed to watch the show!! Bravo to you and the whole cast and writers!! Blessings!!


So funny...Love The Show


This episode was so funny especially when he was teaching them "Street ball" Da Mentals hilarious glad to see Marlon 😂😂😊


Lol right 😂😂


Love your show


Hating from they ma'ma's basement, borrowing money from they homeboy for gas, not paying child support azzz niggas!! #kickrocks ❤️#Marlon




Funny show


Haters are motivators!


That scene was jokes, how many takes? 😂😂😂 I would've been crying


😂🤣 it looks like you said.... You kno it Stink right??! You Kno I Kno U Farted Right? I Was Standin Right Next To You Wen snuck it out!🤣🤣!!


Dear Haters, Thanks for watching! God Bless, Good night!


The joke from this episode about "black man in a rib shack" 😂😂😂


I don't think somebody can hate you!


I turned my weakness into my strength!!! Love the show Marlon!!


Love the show


Wreck it ralph had me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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