I f miss u

I f miss u




Stunning 😍


Do these hair colors again!!!πŸ’•πŸ’˜


That looks cool


Why r u always looking dumb???


Keep up the good work. You deserve more followers!


Todo ritmo chikago v': on tas viejos tiempos?


I f love this


You thing I’ll ever meet you, @bellathorne


Fav haircolor




You're so. Beautiful I want to chill with you mama 🐱


Girl what are you on




Neden bâyle fotoğrafların var


Wow.... That look in your eyes can make any man fall!


Ohhh mah gawwwdddd


If I could be anyone... I would be Bella thorn !😩❀️


Are you in drugs


idk if you ever want to get coffee and have a girly date/go shopping, hit me up love! 😍😘


You look like a straight up party girl princess 😍 love the creative glitter brow makeup, your intense hair color. You hair looks so soft and silky and the mermaid waves are not even fair!


You’re so beautiful! You look so real.. like we have similar eyebrows and lips... seeing that makes me feel good about myself, it’s really nice to see a beautiful girl who doesn’t look like she’s had a bunch of surgery or something. Just kinda shy cause you’re all flawless and like pretty much a famous girl. & I’m just me πŸ™ƒ


Incredibly beautiful shot

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