Congrats to @paugasol on becoming the @fiba #EuroBasket all-time leading scorer! (repost @fiba)

Congrats to @paugasol on becoming the @fiba #EuroBasket all-time leading scorer! (repost @fiba)




@danf92 conhece algum deles? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤔


Nik Galis number one player in Europe.... (GREECE)


@julievdeynde vertaal want kkan geen engels


Where are dario saric


8 total nba championships




If only Tony Parker wasn't injured...


Je vous admire vous les basketteurs ou basketteuses


That's cool


Good night, Katrinochka)) I'll call you tomorrow. I need to recharge my accumulators)


Que grande eres! !!


1111... Nice


Wow! Pau Gasol is trying to act cool


The best european player


It's for the euro league @vincent.danks


Congrats senior


Pau can score more 🔥




@samallann he's so smug about it


Number one 🏀❤️🔥


@leanback_2_fade Don't be jealous my friend


He should retire a Laker


@fadlih All of them. I've check It before. Obviously Spain has Lost against France but Pau has never lost vs Pau. In 2013 Pau wasn't and in 2014 It was Parker who didn't play


@pablorcuadrado not all of them... he surely won most of them but not all



legend of fundemental 😉😎 (duncan) 😂


@wiest10 sooo Pau > Dirk right?

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