Kat Von D Beauty

COMING 🔜 The #saintsinnerpalette is almost here! Need more? Watch @thekatvond and @kelseyannaf swatch EVERY SHADE on OUR YouTube now. [click link in bio to watch!] *launching on 9/19 at katvondbeauty.com! In stores on 10/6



Renée Rister 🦄

@mogglesthemog the packaging looks amazing, I probably would’ve caved too 😊

Moggles the mog

@reneerister I ended up getting it in the end because I love KVD stuff too much 💄

Enrique Flores

Jajajajajaja @andreatzile 😙😙😙jajajaja

Karla Andrea Tzile Torres

@kikeflores5 oye mira mi regalo de navidad 😝

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