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You want to burn it to lol @50cent


I got beats for you man


Chiama a casa piΓΉ bella dell'Acsm




Top du tope


Money talk🀟🏾🀘🏽


Is that you 50 !!!


I see that you have a loooooooot of many, amazing. Now you have amazing live for your hard work


I super eat the pussy with my


italians shitalians amn germans nothing man how come u aint move out then . how ome u aint got ur own cribs then if i say im bigger what wil u do beat my ass up ok so why play my part ok so i did and it wont let me they hating making me look wierd


thats onxy he aint cant come near u


now prodogy wil die and we supoed to come closer shit on this rap shit shit right and u hate this right .. see it plays wierd around me stay away right see..

@dgdgjhjhgjh7832 eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyikesiesss.. eeeee


ok ok i do i lov ee u dont kill me no man no ya no i dont do you @me no man no . i dont .. na . u got any plumbing jobs tiles and shit yo they going nuts man ..


he like no im not playing with im going to work curly dude hello scared of what. man . dude tigers and bears they think i love u and shit wow they stupider i than i think start em on 5 mg of per...


these peole dont want to realy like they soryy man they realy sorry they dont want to fall out towers she is a bitch and like they sorry they said.. cut it more please for fuking big and towers faling thats the only reason tho they sorry ya well ya .. fuk em .. fuk em and prodigy died why dont i stfu . see the sorry bitch is asking me to say sorry like she thinks im like she here with me and im not on ur side see she thinks she saying sory and asking me tell yall please she sorry and im supoedyl on her side noooo wtf.. im on my own prodgy ya gone .. ali too for fuking beens oprah she on u firelyy no one can move off you . if u move a finger kilas bees wil sting ya if u move a finga crips will walk if u ove a finga wac will smiel at u hheheahah the game cant move canada cant move ur like a fat bee rza is smiling niki be like china china china china china germany is hapy #benz get up omgg yo they coming run run run run run run take the shots take the shots shh plead guilty shhh shh ok ok u made it okk yo ghanid whats up yo .. cam here shh relax cam here..


this guy stupid in the brains they al want to say sory and come back out kim and all them remy aint did shit she a hundred percent normal go sing capone trust mee fireeeee


U can never have enough!


I was raised with a joker smile!! Evil genius!!πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜„


Damn joker got them stacks


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Ave is gonna kill the Game!


@simpligourmet No Caption Needed..I love it


@_moneychinaa why didnt u help quisey man get a basketball scholarship?


im here yo dwag .. nothing thans to u what we going to do today nothign su muton rls dicks with ellen gay lover


Miguel Hidalgo. 50 pesos


Afarm dlla shet


I feel like retiring looking at all this$$$!!! Mannn! Lol

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