Russell Wilson

This one’s for the superfans! Raise the flag 12s! Download #TraceMe to get updates from me all season #GoHawks #12Flag

Seattle, Washington




My 12 year old every game


Go Hawks 💙💚💙💚


No one can do it better


Go hawks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Russel can you request to follow me im a big Seahawks fan and i have the same birthday as you


Hey guys, Russell's team has already said that the app will be out on Android soon. They are working on it. Enjoyed the article in Forbes about Russell's making BIG BOSS MOVES!


How about the app for Android?


Its only on apple 😔 i dont have apple


@kurtjenson yeah that turned out dope!


12s all day


Let's get a W tomorrow 💙💚💙💚


******Super ,Super Russs to the 12's Rescue ,I know that everyone of us is in Safe Hands, God Bless You and Ur Wife ,and Family


I love the trace me app Russell!!!❤️❤️❤️


@carli_1729 future and ciara are seperated babes. Thats still futures litttle boyyy! Russel needs to show more respect.


Follow me if you like the Seattle Seahawks


Flew all the way out from the east coast to come do some work with you & eddie lacy the other day bro . But we had some serious technical difficulties . Hopefully we can reschedule in the future


Tom Brady is #12


Isn't this your building? Lol. @anw_junior




Go hawks!!




@dshih my sunny day nap spot! Lol miss u and those days!


GO 'HAWKS! ❤️ from Vancouver BC Canada 🇨🇦


Still love ya though Russell...even though you did my WOLFPACK wrong! ;)


Miss me with that shizzz Russell!


So awesomely cool!Loving the #TraceMe App so so cool! 12s Raise the flag! Wishing you@dangerusswilson & Seahawks team a successful blessed season! RW3 #Greatness GoHawks🙌🏽💙💚🏈💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💯💯


Seriously, no Android?🌐🌍🗺️👎


@staicia_ He's more of Russell's than he is yours or Future's. Who does he live with? Who's raising him? A father is more than a sperm donor.


@codyjaylane I actually missed him by two mins last Friday

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