The Red Cross is red for a reason. Their executives get rich off the blood of others. Give to The Salvation Army or directly to the people.


Thanks dame


Fuck red cross dude....do your research...


@xcessive_wanderer it's only a deferral if it's not done in a tattoo facility. So if it's a tattoo done at home than you can not donate for 12 months hun.


@buddhacv it's been a month since I got it ;(


@xcessive_wanderer you can donate even with a one day old tattoo as long as it's done in a regulated tattoo facility.


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Thanks Dame!


@kevinp2058 then don't go coming to them when you're in danger or hurt


Bet that bruh


Fuck Red Cross


I'll help as much as I can


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I'll try my best ‼️🙏🏽


@michaelhorter was talking about the financial part


@notrickkmeister they gonna drink the blood instead of donating it?


I can't donate blood since I got a tattoo recently but I have donated to the Red Cross for Harvey. I live in Florida in the Orlando area. Please help donate to the Red Cross.


Don't send to Red Cross they don't use it to help them.


Red Cross keeps the majority of the money! You should take the initiative. They playin people while they are vulnerable! Read up on it!


You rock dime


@damianlillard Hey bro whats up.


Yo Dame my man, start your own fund maybe with some help from your ppl that way the money donated will go directly to the victims! Red Cross out here cheating the people bro 👀😡


Dam dolla is the best




Dame is fame


Ima ball like you in this hurricane keeping my family safe


Red Cross don't do nothing id rather just ship pants and stuff down directly to a victim




Red Cross don't know where their own money goes dame. The huffington post made a post about it its pitiful


Damian lillard marry me


Red Cross is a scam. Research about em before donating

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