50 Cent

I'm getting fly right now, (Philipp Plein) I Run New York. #50centralbet

I'm getting fly right now, (Philipp Plein) I Run New York. #50centralbet




ur all in but then i did somethign to you see them i didnt u seen rev its doing that shit so its doin tbulshit it hats jamicans right ok how ur living ems dead how do u think it hates u yes they fagots thats all rigth so why u tyring to fights with me for


@ceejaythepulser bitch 6’1 is short tf.... 6’3 and up is tall ... get off midget dick bitch


@hibitch_nowbye when was @50cent 6’1 (185.42 cm) is considered midget ass huh???????


now beg italin man bout its not like that but we all know it is


you seen u u seen them u seen indians


i played my part while u plaid ur heart dint move out and all but yo they they they they niki they selenas they italians puys they the they they playing games games game prodigy gone gone gone ali too ask oprah they dont talk talk to talk hoping dr phil got her he does does does mahendra got indian in him u want jolie out here riding with curly


Boss shit..Chicago


I'll take care of you if you fall 😂😂😘😘😍


@50cent got another idea about growing up in the 90s. Get at me fifth


U get all bro


Midget ass 🤡


@_moneychinaa go head and put a ring on neeks wrinkled finger playboy


Dm me please you'll my important massage 🙏🙏🙏


Source my guy


@50cent You were my 1st taste in hip hop. I feel I'm the best music producer in NY. I just need you to give a brother a Listen and I guarantee you will want to sign me!! Just give me a email or something!


@50cent put me on power


u broke ass Ninja ⚔️⛓️💸💸💸


That's the way you do it and you got class


50changecent misterYorkeyTroop

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