#ThisIsLondon PART 2 | Stop what you're doing and WATCH THIS. Short film by @Josh.Perrett entitled "New Beginnings". LINK IN BIO to watch full film. πŸ”₯ We asked Josh to create this piece for a conference held by #MicroFocus in September which was called #DiscoverTheNew.
When you think of discovery and new beginnings, or fresh starts, it evokes all sorts of feelings and emotions, and makes you look harder at the world around you. Josh has explored sunrises and sunsets, and uniquely captures the people and a perspective on London which makes this short, arguably the best piece of #London video we've ever featured.
Thanks to Josh for his dedication and his relentless pursuit to capture so many exquisite London details. This is genuinely a masterpiece. Please share it with your friends and families. ❀️ DB

London, United Kingdom




Amazing Video


@mahammad.valizade life is good in london bro


@yasmin_melo1 hoje acordei com saudades de Londres entΓ£o vou te marcar em tudo hahahaha


@skandarkeyneses mira esto,es increíble 😩❀️😍


Great job!


@daveburt cheers Dave...and btw... thanks for all you do, so happy to have stumbled upon you. I'm from NY but London is my 2nd home...You connect it well friend.


@write_your_own_song use the litle aeroplane symbol beneath the video to send to friends. Or share the YouTube video on Facebook etc


@london you guys do an amazing job at capturing this beautiful and diverse city. I'm excited to see it for myself whenever I get across the pond!


How do you share on IG? Lol this is brilliant. The very beginning of this clip I believe is the writings of a homeless man...i saw in Trafalgar in July..he had the most beautiful handwriting, but what he wrote about was truth and he had a great message. It was massive, and titled..",there once was a man so poor, all he had was money". I will never forget meeting him. I had my sunglasses on, was read h his work as he knelt down to write with chalk,, he turned to me and said " don't cry love" .I was speechless, because under my sunglasses I had been crying. His words moved me.


Amazing! Certainly my favorite place in the world 🌎! Art, culture, so many people!!!! This is London! Nice movie!


full of memories


The street art is amazing




Wanna visit this City again 😍😍


Just amazing! Great.


Wow. Great filming and edits.


Sonho de cidade!!!!! A melhor do universo!!!!!


@emmimoffitt jobs there are a must. We NEED to live there. Cannot wait for our trip


@martuparra @marumoraiz miren lo que es este videAZO


I saw in this in person during my visit in London in front of the National Museum. Very talented people. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

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