Great catch by @jasonkipnis22. Great audio by @ Hammy. Thought we would share.




Kipnis!!! Goo Kipnis!!!


I can't stop watching! That catch is so beautiful!!!


That's my fiancee right there! Jason Kipnis!! I guess you could say he is a great catch @musicpirate 😝😁⚾️💙






Kipnis in CF?? Wtf?


Love how he plays the game


@kells624 this warms my heart!!!




My boiiiiii❤️❤️❤️


He deserves a cookie for that catch . Start keeping them in the dugout for em @indians


Hoping for a comeback right now 😢


@ryanzampounis actually I'm pretty sure that was you bud


Kip’s a gamer


@kcurran04 forgot Kip played centerfield too 🤔


Awesome catch by Kipnis!!


Yay!!!!! Go KIPPY ❤️⚾️🙂


Best commentator ever.


He's boo boo


And now we know why Tito put Kip in CF!


Kip came to play!!!! And win 😍⚾️🔥


I saw that last night


remember when kip played 2b and lonnie played 3b @makeyourlifematter ?


"WHEW! F⚾️CK YEAH!" - Trevor Bauer 🤘💯🔥


Include video of him for visual of the yelling


Great D Kipnis!!


This team is so much fun to watch


Very cool

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