Gotta be quicker than that. #DontRunOnYan

Gotta be quicker than that. #DontRunOnYan




@ryantoohig now that the Indians are out, LETS GO YANKEES!!!!


@westonmcg how’s the postseason looking now haha


Got to be quicker than that to blow a 2-0 lead




Goooo Tribe!!!!


@eroc5391 Cleveland won 5 out of 7 vs Yankees this year and 3 of those wins were in new York, so I'm not entirely sure that is true


@go_cubs_go22 Oh, we're bragging about a whole lot more now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #windians


@baseballboy83104 totally bro. We been paying refs all season bro. Or we've just been owning you guys.


Imina whoop ya Joe


Thanks @bluejays for Yan, the gift that keeps on you guys enjoying Esmil....oh wait long gone...πŸ˜‰#windians #yanforthewin #dontrunonyan


Please run on Yan. Free outs!


@tmueller_ hahahahahahahaha


@baseballboy83104 Suuuuure. Sour grapes much? Indians FTW! 2-0!


@axell_rulezd00d But it did! Hahahaha! (And it's should HAVE, or should've. Yankee fan. smh)


@ttarulli15 awwww ya gotta be quicker than that πŸ˜‚


Cant get away with a stolen base...Gomes is a animal!!! 😍


@stevenlouis88 how about now?


@kcalli16 we won let’s go


@lucas_j.17 9-8 Oops gotta be quicker than that


@clevelandsportsofficial good god any predictions for game 3?

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