WINDIANS!!!!!!!!!!! #RallyTogether

WINDIANS!!!!!!!!!!! #RallyTogether




Go Tribe! We still believe! !!!


Play your best, guys! GO TRIBE!👍👍👍👍🏹


Fight till the end! #holdmybeer


Klubot says, "I'll be back!"


Love these guys


A dream come true!


That is what a world series team looks like!


You guys are so amazing! Go Tribe!


Unbelievable Indians play off game 2. Never gave up and overtook a 5 Run deficit to win the game in 13 inning. Wow👏👏👏


You make my ❤️sing...


AWESOME game last night guys


he did so well catching that he was fed up and just wanted to end the game lok


Whole way home on the bottom of the ninth i thought i was gonna die from anxiety lol went home and watched until yan hit it into left field at the bottom of the 13th


Absolutely Awesome


Go Tribe!!!!!!!


Love u guys ❤️

Ayyyyyyy the 13 inning game was CRAZY!


What a come back!!! Great game...saved the best for when I got home from work!


I believe!...


YANIMAL!!! What a game!!!👏🏻👏🏻@indians


awesome !!!! :)

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