@vizzy285 what about a 2-0 series lead?


@thebaconbrady @karleesslays should have bet you idiots


@recruits23 the indians blew a 2-0 lead




Truly the greatest baseball game I've ever seen. Thanks for the memories boys.


@kpm91 ain't over yet bub


@its_norizsan lol, we would've found another way to win if we had to. And, I wouldn't give any credit to Lindor for hitting a grand slam, or the Tribe pen dominating the Yankees for 9+ innings


Lets sweep Indians!!!!!!


@megligweb the Yankees did and that was their undoing - they just looked flat after Lindor’s GS. Jay put the finishing touch on it and it was home run derby time (attempted by both teams frankly) until we wised up and just got guys in scoring position on hits


@affiknitty fight til the last out - no mas!


Never give up!!!!!!! 💪🏻⚾️💪🏻⚾️


Way to go tribe

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