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Weekends with these two ♥️ @westcoast_weenies

Weekends with these two ♥️ @westcoast_weenies




Any breeding potential for these beautiful animals?


Too cute ❤️💕


Sooooo cute they are❤️❤️


So lovely ❤️❤️❤️


@hannahjord11 the blonde one


Keep it up!


@martincasaa mira el de la derecha 😍


@kristianacolton words can't describe...


They're soo cute!!!


That equals happiness 🐶💓✨


@haastara I know such a cutie good'est


@chellahaas the one on the right!!


@brigitte.___ look at the shaggy one


A light one? How so? 👀


Those two! So cute!


What cuties✨

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