CJ Koegel

I'm heading home to Florida on Friday to get dirty and help with whatever I can. In the meantime please donate to the people who need it most. Anything helps!
Thanks you so much! Link is in my bio.


Key West, Florida normal


Kyle Burrows

Good man! I've inboxed you regarding your account being cloned buddy 👍

CJ Koegel

@lavenderranger please DM so I can get your family some diapers while I'm down here.

CJ Koegel

I'll tell my mom you said that. Thanks 😊

Jennifer Jacobs

You are good man!

CJ Koegel

@lavenderranger I will be down in Florida late Friday night and will help out as much as I can down there.

Lavender Ranger

We still have no power and trees blocking our street and my niece needs diapers in Miami

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