Forget those Bridgets


tha hood I see right noop


Follow for big smoke


YES I !!!!!!


I appreciate a good, honest quote. People change, and I respect that! ❤️


Still Big Snoop with Lion heart. Respect...👊


Ain't that it though, I'm glad you feeling wonderful!!


Awwwww that's what's up!!!


you're such a G man


That is KING shit! 💛💫🙏🏼


Please check my covers! 🎤🎸


I respect your new attitude but i LOVE your gangsta shiiit




You are who you are. I respect that. I listen to few rappers. Passion in their lyrics is important to me








You're a true role model and a great human ambassador Snoop ✌️


I need some more from the Lion!! It was obviously your biggest step outta your comfort zone, and it's the album I'd choose if for some crazy reason I had to choose one for the rest of my days


Give Thanks & Praise Lion!


That's good hopefully we are all evolving


🙏 Bring On That Gospel LP !!


real tak.


I've been a fan from the get-go so I see the transition and I have to tell that you're 1 of the greatest♥️@snoopdogg


Good to know

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