Damian Lillard

Look like it's about that time! #RipCity

Look like it's about that time! #RipCity




Yo dame I met you in the airport this summer and it was awesome. You are my hero, you made ripcity what it is today. I pay so much attention to you and the way you play it would be nice to be recognized by you, I know your busy and famous but it's be cool if you could pay attention to the little guys. I don't expect you to reply or follow me but maybe shoot me a message. Let's get to a championship ✊🏼


Game time


@tdiehl32 literally no idea


Link in bio


How do u not know this dude @cjmwing


Great photo💎💎💎


So cool haha


hook a fan up with 2k?


How can we come to you and do a special on you?


Dime dropper is coming out


It's dame time


Best PG in the league 💯


Ripppppppp cittyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Dame dolla time


🔥🔥 Time to ball it up bruh!!! 🔥🔥


Omg I'm so excited for this season


Bro u ready to get back at it


You are my fav basketball player


@brugal_papii keyword right there, Golden State


Y'all go sub to my YouTube channel I post quality NBA 2k and call of duty content! Link in my bio


The 🐐 himself


Is it October yet??


Mama there goes that man. Dame D.O.L.L.A!!! The season can't start soon enough. These guys are about to do work! #ripcity

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