Jamie O'Brien

There is not one right way to ride a wave ! #GnarBox ~ video @damovideo #whoisjob




great jab harassing Gad seems


Coolest use of hydrofoil I've seen.


@cynthia_rivera65 I liked this vid already when he posted it


@mclovinsauce you could ride waves from the Jetty to Damon on one of those!


Holy sh*t!


@billswano we could wait in the lineup for something like this to happen 🤔


There is only one way to ride a wave and that is with a smile on your face.




Do a triple step off!!


We get it board swaps


Nice wave 🌊 thumbs up 👍


@junassakawa seloco perera muito sem@ideia


Smart move👍you wouldn't want to take that foil into that barrel🤙


@whoisjob are episodes gonna be 30 min??


Brutal 😂


Sick one


Foiler to foiler? @whoisjob

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