Maggie Gyllenhaal

Episode 2 of #TheDeuce at 9pm TONIGHT on @HBO #Candy

Episode 2 of #TheDeuce at 9pm TONIGHT on @HBO #Candy




Wow yr a hot babe


@mgyllenhaal what that show? Movies?


So great.


Obsessed with the blonde curls tho!


This show was based on a 1970 novel. All the characters are the same. The book is xxx rated and way more graphic. It has been republished by Amazon for the shows release on HBO.


Diggin' this show. Rodney better step up his game if he wants!


So gorgeous!!


My son is in that episode in the diner scene. He had so much fun filming it and can't thank you enough @mgyllenhaal ! It's quite a show!!


Love the show!!! Love u


Things are definitely getting very interesting....


congrats on getting renewed for season 2!!!! 💘


Good show


So Nice Shot with a pretty Woman


@mgyllenhaal what great and well done show! Congratulations you are amazing there! 🙏🙏


Excellent show!!!


In luv with this show.


🙌 loved Ep1 bring on 2! Always love what you do MG


@bennybuttons4 we are on tonight benny 👌🏾


So good!


Nobody makes money off my pussy but me! #saythat you're my new #favorite


PS. You are an amazing, badass actress!


Loving so far! 😍😎


Yaaaassss. I adore you.


I'm in. You're awesome


When can I watch this in England?


Give Taylor her scarf back


Good show so far


💜@mgyllenhaal 💜👏🏻👏🏻💜Love this show!!!


@mcarril second ep tonight!

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