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It was a good night.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards

It was a good night.




F**k the red sox


It was good till the Sox won


@redsox watch out for my @yankees ! We are coming for you !!! #beware


That one white guy like...


They'll be dancing out of the playoffs


@tdipersio we will dont u worry


@jeffreyw895 why were in first


@agaudette29 you know when you say to people dont @ me there gonna @ you 😂😂


@sidthechamp87 we dont want him. League leader in strikeouts


@a_magnus19 runnin out of time there pal


@jack_tartags if your better than why arent you in first yet


Go Red Sox, you deserved that win!!




Apple Watch party!


@_.jo_21._ bro David Ortiz retired


@rockchalk68 took you two tries to flip me off. Nice.


@rockchalk68 typical New England fan. Pffft


@swerveskii We got the king of home runs in the AL . We also got the king in most walks by a rookie . And I'm talking abou Aaron Judge .


@averyjam01 doubt Hosmer goes to the Yankees. Yankees don't need him , we got Bird already .


Yankees>Red Soc


Lose cry repeat


@rmf.04 agreed Red Sox won't last


@ripkenranger32 definitely not. Really only the Indians and Astros are serious contenders in the AL

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