I wonder who rooting for me 🤔😒


But I want to win....




That is the absolute truth


For Real though...


💯.....Real Talk....






That's really a shame!


One of life's lessons


Sad truth. 😥😥😥


I c death around the corner


Every single day, it's sad but true. Thank you for being an inspiration that puts in the perspiration, the world is rough but kids and adults can know someone like you is in their corner, from across the country/world... @snoopdogg the world needs you


Damn I thought that was just broke people 💩💩💩💩😂😂😂😂


all the time


Real talk !


You're right it's crazy the world is different everybody wasn't raised the same and I realize that now




Ooo this is oh so real


Ima do me regardless and when the time comes.. Ima shine


All the time


That part✔️


@ervedogg sorry i don't understand what fucc mean. English maybe?

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