Red Bull

What's your country's most interesting tradition?
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Really Great


Sant, det och äta currywurst är vad jag sysslar med @emilimhagen


@emmywilander Vad annars skulle du göra i Tyskland?


Hur visste du att jag gjorde sånt?? @emilimhagen


Idk... drinking tea and eating crumpets?


Blowing crap up...


Drinking vodka, playing on balalaika and ride on a bear #Russia


Not one of these guys knows how to swing a hammer lol


Markensgamp og hilse på folk i fjellet


Lying to and enslaving it's own people.


@lyndseeeee_ this looks fun haha


@robertinhoff kkkkkkkk ta maluco, eu so bebo


Racism unfortunately.


@f_mandia bizarro... Arvorismo pra criança


Deep fried mars bar


Que cerro porteño pierda una copa internacional 😂


According to all tourists who visit Amsterdam we all smoke weed everywhere and anytime. Well we don't!


@mainecoast triggered bcos of a vid?


Do you even get to kiss the girl?


The girl on the cealing tho 🤤


Maybe the thing we call 'vihta' you TaKe it to sauna and you use it as a whip to whip yourself and others😂😂😂


Lol buddy can't hammer

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