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Top view of Rome 🇮🇹⬆️Photo by @saaggo


Top view of Rome 🇮🇹⬆️Photo by @saaggo




Full of migrants who want to rob you! 🥊🥊🥊🥊




Génial cette photo ! En drone ?!?


@buzaglo04 the 3-D puzzle we never finished. :(


Best view


Puts Rome's accomplishments in a humanitarian scale. like a conquerer of gods!


@ankiwelz das wird so toll!!! Freu mich voll für euch.


@heyheytine nur noch 3 x schlafen 😏


@ankiwelz das ist der Blick von der Kuppel vom Petersdom.


Really wonderful👌. If you have few seconds then do check out my profile 🙂


Gorgeous 😍👌 Rome is such a beautiful city! I love these birds views pictures ☺️🙏


Absolutely beautiful capture!


Looks amazing! Awesome colors


Beautiful roma... followme


Amazing view 👌🏾


@arod1172 amazingnest


So pretty!! @jcost74


Its a long way up those super old stairs to enjoy that amazing view. I hope it wasnt as crowded and hot as it was in the middle of July!

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