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Nice snag! As long as the ball doesn't touch the ground off the bat you can catch it for an out. Foul tip counts as a strike when it gets to catcher.


That's a nasty pitch


Ouch, had to sting a bit, pads and all. He's out, foul tip caught.


Nope, he's out. The mlb rule says "legally caught" in either "the glove or hand"


It has to hit the glove first to be an out.


@_justinidrovo__21 you clearly don't understand the difference between a foul tip and a foul ball or a fair ball.


@_justinidrovo__21 you clearly don't know the rule difference for a foul ball, a fair ball, or a foul tip. Look it up.


@camlawlawland just look up Kevin Mitchell bare hand play. It definitely counts lol


@tos_bor20 does this count as a catch? How is this different from that pitchers catch.


@aymansalah12 that must be what they sae, but I still don't see that. The tip of the pocket doesn't move and the laces move forward, but if that's why they called him out, at least they applied the rule correctly.


@camlawlawland watch closely it tips the glove


@camlawlawland I bet you’re that one kid that lets the ball go through your legs and claim it’s not an error bc it never touched your glove


@garrettconwell_45 I've wasted too.much time on this already. There is a rule that specifically speaks to a "foul tip" which is different than a foul ball. Look it up and learn what is necessary for a caught foul tip to be considered an out. It's not as simple as you seem to believe.


@camlawlawland exactly a fault tip . If u foul tip on Two strikes And the Catcher catches the ball that's an out ... what rule are you talking about I'm curious


@e_herbo22 looks like we got that one call in Hegewisch right lmao


Agree to disagree. "Close enough" isn't the rule.


@camlawlawland i get that but i would argue that the ump saw it as close enough. my main point was just that it can be caught in the hand without the glove being involved, just in general


@jaredannibale you watched the video right? He catches it in the crook of his elbow. Not his hand. Not his glove. According to the rule that is not an out unless it hit his hand or glove first. From what I can see it doesn't do that.


@camlawlawland Rule 2.00 “A FOUL TIP is a batted ball that goes sharp and direct from the bat to the catcher’s hands and is legally caught. It is not a foul tip unless caught and any foul tip that is caught is a strike, and the ball is in play. It is not a catch if it is a rebound, unless the ball has first touched the catcher’s glove or hand.” glove OR hand


Evoshield just saved that mans wrists


@camlawlawland I know the rules I'm an umpire/player/coach


@simpsonator05 if you are just guessing, save your breath.


@xdevinkyle have you even read the rule? It's a foul tip, not a ball in play. There's a difference. Learn before you speak.


@jimmy_boelhower please just read the rule. You are so wrong with that explanation it is unbelievable.


@simpsonator05 You Are Wrong. Read the rule.


@camlawlawland no it doesn't. He can catch it however possible. It could get caught in his mask and it's an out if he can pull it out without dropping it


@camlawlawland it is an out because you can go into the field with no glove. If the ball gets hit to you and you catch it bare hand it is an out.


@camlawlawland 2 strikes + foul tip + catch= out


@camlawlawland You are right I am not an expert on the rules but I am 13 years old and I consider myself very good at baseball trivia


You just say could ball caught on 3rd strike so must be out, but that's not the rule.


@michael_maiorano_2004 that doesn't mean it was the right call. And you don't even know why it was wrong or right.

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