Comment which game did this to you! 😂




God of war 2


Skyrim, the vampire lord... And when I did kill him I celebrated then got killed by a fledgling... And I forgot to save...


Orphan of kos or Ludwig without AI help


Super Mario Galaxy 😂😂


gotta join the dark souls train, I was just like "are you not entertained!!" every time I came back to the same boss


Right now in Breath of the Wild, I am embarrassed to say


Just cause 3


@somethingclever47 am I the only one who thought that Anthem / riku's hands look like hockey gloves?


@somethingclever47 Ive Known that entire scenes dialogue by heart for the past 15 years


@somethingclever47 dude oh my GOD THIS IS THE MOST FLAWLESS ANSWER THERE EVER COULD HAVE BEEN!!! The fucking fight against ansem possessed riku FUCK


Me in destiny 2 .. 😂😂😂


I've been there so many times


There's no way you're getting KAIRIS HEART


Gotta be dark souls 3 fucking oceiros, idk why I find him so hard


Nice one!


Dark Souls....

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