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@game_with_hollie Haha yeah I normally am but after 1 playthrough I was done! 😂 hopefully you enjoy it! Yeah that art book was gorgeous though 😥😍


@earthtoalix I'm stubborn, I'm sure I'll stick with it even if it takes me a while. The artbook it came with is pretty so I'll probably never get rid of it regardless


@game_with_hollie ahhh you might be alright. I was really enjoying it but it got weird and stopped enjoying it. I was going for platinum and doing that but changed my mind and traded it in 😅


@earthtoalix oh no! I hope it doesn't. I'm used to visual novels feeling like they might drag a bit though so might not notice. I'll be going for alk the endings because shiny platinums! 😂 I will let you know what I got first 😂


Hope you enjoy Root letter more than I did 😅 it was good til about half way through, and dragged out on the last chapters. I'm curious if you get the same ending as me 🤔


Root letter is supposed to be brilliant 😄 let me know how it is


@game_with_hollie Oh it's a multi ending, I've been deceived xD either way its definitely worth it


@panda.tamashi another platinum you say 😂 I kmow it requires several playthrough to get all the endings. I probably wouldn't do that in one sitting. Then again I'm not going anywhere 😂


Got with Root Letter, I'm playing it right now, it's a great game and from what I've heard it's kinda short and a easy Platinum @game_with_hollie


@anthonyamato I've played republique before, that would be trophy clean up but there is no on game tracker or chapter select if I miss anything.... Been hanging on to root letter for a few months, decisions decisions


LefT..... RighT.... ???


Are they at least good games anf addicting?


I couldn't decide either for my games I let others decide XD

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