Are you serious. Dont let an idiot dick asshat troll bother you babe @mgyllenhaal people like that are narrow minded and damn rude. If people have to use bullying to get by they are that word (i hate using it)


I'm a (real) man. A woman has a right to do what she wants with her own body!




Hahahaha yess glad you put him on blast


@brookemac_nyc are you crazy much


Wow... saying that is disgusting of him but getting that shows you're doing something right. What a sorry excuse for a human being.


Well then


Don't care those haters 🤷‍♀️


Whatever, Maggie i love you 💕


@jamesmcnulty1357 I'm not what you say I am..you are what you say I am.


@jamesmcnulty1357 am i supposed to get offended by that?


Why are u bragging about it eh


@jamesmcnulty1357 sound like a virgin


@jamesmcnulty1357 u must be 12 year ild


@jamesmcnulty1357 you're a dumbass. Get a hobby. You are spending a decent chunk of your time attacking someone you don't know. A strong woman. Now, pause. Think about what that says about you, pal. 😂


And thus, we continue our work..


🤐 unbelievable


@jamesmcnulty1357 ok come here then


@jamesmcnulty1357 Wow! Are you still standing here defending yourself from what you did to Maggie? Everything about you sounds ridiculous. Just walk away and take care of your mediocre life.

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