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Enon Avital (@e_known) reached for a bottle of honey, not an inkwell, when he wrote a message of good wishes for Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. “At the beginning, I was doing traditional typography — just ink on paper, pencil on paper. Nothing like I’m doing now,” says the New Jersey-based designer and web developer. But eventually Enon looked to more unconventional materials — everything from kiwi to pencil shavings — and turned them into Hebrew typography. “I like the pieces I can eat at the end. That’s always fun,” he says.
Rosh Hashana begins this week and focuses on leaving the old behind and embracing the new. “We drop all negativity,” says Enon. “When the community as a whole asks for forgiveness and resets, we are all refreshed. That is what Rosh Hashana is all about.”

New Jersey



ליהיות ישראלית זה בנשמה ליהיות יהודייה זה אהבה


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שנה טובה


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מהמם אהבתי


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