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Get hot, stay hot.

The #Astros have won six in a row.

Get hot, stay hot.

The #Astros have won six in a row.




I'm sad you couldn't stay with the Angels but man you deserve to go to the playoff Maybin!


Yup against the Mariners and White Sox that's amazing


@tj.bobo34 that made no sense. Learn English.


My irrelevant comment ur so irrelevant 😂😂 @core_son


@bossy226 clearly back then it meant a win so yeah lol


Tribe has won 26 of 27. Blew a 3-1 because the only had one healthy starter other than the 5th man Tomlin


@718.morris I fiercely defend Cleveland although they've let their bats do the talking for me and I hope they continue to do so. And actually Cleveland holds the longest win streak without a tie now because honestly is it 26 straight if one of those technically wasn't a win?


@tj.bobo34 Astros won one game. So although your irrelevant comment is close to the truth, it's wrong.


@karaincleveland they blew a 3-1 lead lol


@bossy226 actually the old New York giants have the record of 26 wins in a row and it was a joke about them blowing a 3-1 lead. Guess you couldn’t figure that one out yourself.


The Astros can’t beat the Indians the indians have beat them everytime


Why didn't the Cubs get a 7 game win post


@p_cohen714 it feels good when u support a team even when theyre in last place and they finally do well and even make history


Hahah that’s cute, good luck getting past 22


@zachmagee lol that's cute




Astros world series champs im calling it now


Indians better


@shvmpu I mean, you’re right, they wouldn’t, because they’d never get that far in the playoffs 🤷🏻‍♂️


@helloimraul I disagree. Although I am an avid Indians fan so I've been loud in good times and bad BUT I will say that this fan base has been present since last season. And what did you think would happen? Historic moments tend to heighten excitement. It happened last Season for us and I'll argue the same thing happened for the Cubs. When good things are take notice.


@alecbenigar actually yea. More times than cleveland. @redsox


Awesome Astros! Great Season so far!


@shvmpu well I mean y'all couldent blow a 3-1 lead because you didn't make it as far as us last year


@lou_wg78 and they barely got a one game lead on the astros.


@nico_solo13 and blew a 3-1 lead


@alecbenigar nah but they wont blow a 3-1 lead tho

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