Grand Ole Opry

Wednesday Night #Opry. October 4. @ericchurchmusic and more. ⛪️ Tickets on sale TOMORROW at noon CT at

Grand Ole Opry

Wednesday Night #Opry. October 4. @ericchurchmusic and more. ⛪️ Tickets on sale TOMORROW at noon CT at



@wadejones43 .... No I can't say that, but I can say that owning my businesses and not having to work, I get the pleasure of traveling the country and attending shows nationwide every year. The past 10 years I've gotten to attend about 80 days a year of shows. I've seen everyone, everywhere. There isn't a bigger fan of the genre than I am.


@bigchris036 Hate to tell you but they do sell out the Opry house. Maybe you need to check your facts about selling it out. I have been around this business my whole life and worked in it for many years and have had the great opportunity to stand on that stage sing on that nice circle myself. Can you say that?


@wadejones43 ... Just giving you a few facts. Apparently you have it all figured out. Is it weird that shows at the Opry with all those names constantly don't sellout, yet Eric plays there and it does? Maybe he's a bigger name than you think.


@bigchris036 Wow are you to butt buddy's? I saw Reba, Dolly, Carrie, Vince, Bobby Bear, Connie Smith and a few more last night. All are bigger names then Eric! Get over yourself.


@wadejones43 ... Oh yeah, no big deal. Just the guy who sold out 62 shows in a row, almost 1 million tickets, and had RollingStones & Billboard magazines #1 ranked tour of 2017 of all genres.


What a joke. Tried to make out like it was some big star going to be there. You do that for Dolly not Eric!!!


@amestevie what’s the radio station call # ? Would love to try to hear it!!


Saw him last time he was at the Opry, it was outstanding!


@lorilu1990 this would be awesome if we lived close to Nash.


@elizzyprice @jculp141 fall break is the second week this year 😭😭


@cctilly damnnnn im a week early


@lmichael_10 if only Lox was 8 weeks old by then 😔lol


Please tell me this performance will be live streamed? I really love watching @ericchurchmusic perform!


I wanna go☺️☺️


@rebeccaschotte we NEED to be there!


@jenncashbiggs it is your Birthday week afterall...


Let's do it


I would be half tempting to go see him again in Oct. The drive is about 9 hours to his too.


@se_sol i wish we could meet up for this 😩


I wouldn't be able to make it there and back to Chicago without taking time off work. I'm devastated. He was amazing last time.

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