Don’t read my account name


داداچ از این حیث با تتلو میتونی رقابت کنی :/


@maj_21_savage dumbass he didn’t make it he just found it and thought it be pretty cool to share it


Snoops just like "imma leave this right here"


Put out a Bowl of Weed and Snoop Dog shows up


Ese bun b


One quick question, where's Em? The white boy has to be their FOR SURE


Of course your gonna put urself first because ur selfish and only care about urself


Damn tpain


Where in the hell is 2pac


Wiz should be there though.


Big bun !


Where is migos? They in every other song


@snoopdogg all you need to do is feature a Mexican narco corrido singer lol


I've literally only heard Bun-B on 8 songs. 3 of them are UKG features.


@jashowlett why are you following "this fool" if he's not relevant? Who's the fool now?


E40 only features on songs 😂😂😂 tf his music at


In 2 years Quavo will be number 1 lol


Lil lillian that's me @snoopdogg


I'm surprise they got a list but nice leading them Snopp


50 Cent???


@joshhernandez_0 crying little bitch. Truth hurts.


Put king Lil g


thats cuz u old as earth 💀💀


Shout out Nate💯💯💯


Mississippi salutes 💯💯


Where's eminem


Where's eminem


Snoops Killin it


Quavo on his way😂😂




Y'all need a put quavo at the top of that list


Soon we'll see @quavohuncho on that list.

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