Dominating time through roaring engines and unparalleled watches. Lamborghini and @roger_dubuis come together in this extraordinary video. Watch it now.

#Lamborghini #AventadorS #RogerDubuis #Excalibur



This watch will toast Rolex so badly😂😂


Que troll


Name the song


I love it


Cool but i think its too expensive


Awesome design..... Hatsoff to designer






@mastermind457 aunque sea va vos peor es nada.. 😂😂


Jajajaja @ktoydde aunque sea un reloj así


I swear I will get this car one day it is literally a big goal of mine 😍


Why why why why.... just stick with the SV


My dream car


Dream car


Guckt mal bei mir vorbei bitte


#loganpaul #jakepaul let them vlog!! U good bruh?

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