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Frozen bubbles trapped under Lake Abraham ❄️ Photo by @sinclair_photo


Frozen bubbles trapped under Lake Abraham ❄️ Photo by @sinclair_photo




This is amazing


This looks unreal 😨


Very cool!


That looks amazing


My goodness! Amazing!


Frozen bubbles!! What a concept💕


Thanks for sharing @nakedplanet 🙏




@sixsideimaging IS PHOTOGRAPHY.


So cool!!


That is so cool!


@flyaway75 wow I had no idea! That's crazy hey!


They aren't just bubbles, they're methane bubbles that are surfacing due to global issues and so much co2 in the atmosphere. Too much methane is what scientists believe caused the Permean Extinction and they also think that could be happening today. It is a beautiful sight, however the meaning behind it isn't so beautiful.


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@loveluv3 I seen this and just find it amazing we have such a great province. Even in the fricken winter. Lol


@shre4ever it is gorgeous 😍


Amazing ♥️


Looks like a scene from the Harry Potter movie where there are dead people that rise out of a lake. Only this is cooler because it's real

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