Rock it, man. #notpunnygary




Wherever I lay my head is home, right Gary?


You're a stone cold gentleman. (Not punny either)


Love of my life the gare


This face I love soooooo much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Gary, you're just so sizzling handsome.


@kramzilla His response was so sane!




That look when they suspend your twitter account because you went beserk again.


Yes, punny 😹😹


Cool dude 💝


You really missed your calling, Char! 😂How the hell do you always have/take the perfect image to match your daily wit!?!?


So adorable


So freaking punny 😂❤️


What would we do without you @omgdeedee


Gary you look stoned❗️😑 💣 😂


@omgdeedee The dear leader nailed it! #dotard 😂🙌🏻


Ahahaha 😂 Caption was to punny 😍😙😘


@courtluvssfgiants I googled it immediately. Seems pretty legit.


When a mentally deranged guy calls you mentally deranged, you know you've got problems. 🤦🏼‍♀️


Hell I was going to have to look up what "dotard" meant. Thanks CNN for the explanation in the article! 🤣 this is all pretty punny!


Control your face Man...





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