On #WorldRhinoDay I am so grateful to @dswt for rescuing precious survivors of this ancient species, and giving them the chance to live in the wild again. There are only 5,000 Black rhinos left. We must fight with everything we can to save them all! The #DSWT is raising money to help so many more rhinos- please help if you can ! picks of baby Solio, Shida and blind Maxwell all at @dswt ・・・
....this #WorldRhinoDay, you can too.
Because he’s blind, Maxwell will always live in the safe haven that is the DSWT Nursery, but the rest of his species is in trouble: Today, just 5,500 black rhinos remain on this planet. The Meru Rhino Sanctuary seeks to change that. The Sanctuary, which is currently home to 89 white and black rhinos, offers a protected place where these threatened animals can thrive. Now, they need our help to refurbish and expand it. We’ve already begun preparing the land for a new perimeter fence and, with your support, we will expand the existing Sanctuary by 70% while also establishing additional security bases to keep its inhabitants out of harm’s way.

To help us reach our $400,000 target and give Kenya’s rhinos a future, donate today:
Every donation makes a big difference!

Photo © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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@iamkristindavis , Maxwell is my foster too!


Thank you so much to help this wonderful Animals. You give them a Voice and I say thank you❤❤❤


You’re amazing! 🌿🙏🏼✨




Maxwell 😍




Never say never @iamkristindavis 😊


@iamkristindavis I cannot like this picture enough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us with this cause 🦏☕️


My mum helps sponsors blind Maxwell. She visited there a few months ago. He’s so cute.


Yay for YOU!!! 💜🙌🏻🦏💜🙌🏻🦏


💖 @iamkristindavis💖 l love the mother Nature and animals 💖💖 💖Big kiss girl💖


Karibu Kenya


The last image is so striking. If you zoom in it looks like it could be a whale. 💚🙏🏼 thank you for shedding light and using your platform for important issues. Inspired by your passion and grace.


That's so awesome..


You are my hero




Ahhh I love your beautiful heart!! 💗


@alysechristineto does she ever age?!


Wow how did you get so close




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Какая же она хорошая женщина!!! Доброе сердце!


You've always been my favorite CHARLOTTE 💕


Oh how special this would feel ! So lucky and u do amazing for these gorgeous creatures!


Such a good cause! There's a problem with poachers in South Africa too 😔


Love these photos 😍🦏


@iamkristindavis he's gorg ❤️❤️

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