Grand Ole Opry

I can’t believe @dollyparton was here to surprise me! -Reba

I can’t believe @dollyparton was here to surprise me! -Reba




😀"My two favourite country -Queens, you both look amazingly beautiful, like Always😍 Love you both, God bless you 💖


2 of my most favorite country music ladies! Both looking fabulous, elegant and cool as always!


two of my favorite ladies in country music!


2 wonderful ladies. Reba your AMAZING!


Two beautiful ladies. I admire them both


Two lovely ladies 😊


Love you girls Reba watch your show every day


My two favorite girls. Love you both. Thanks for such great music. 👍❤️


2 legends in their own time. Omg. Love these 2. How they have shaped country music is undeniable!!




Both of our country queens! #blessed @reba @dollyparton THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU'VE GIVEN. 🙌🏻❤️😉🙋🏻‍♂️-Joshua


Oh, wow. Have fun you both look!! 🙋💞🇺🇸🇺🇸😄🍪🍪🍪


@j.a.p.p.l.e This is awesome!


Facial reconstruction isn't a pretty thing.


Dolly disappointed America.


My two favorite singers. Love you🙏❤️❤️


My two favorite country music ladies love you two ❤️


I don't usually get star struck but if I seen either of these ladies I would fan girl out absolutely the two most amazing musicians plus Reba is an Okie


Love Reba Dolly not so much


Love both of them! Sooo...talanted!


Ladies you are always awsome love u both lam from Edmonton Alberta Canada l would love see u but being on oxygen 24/7 lts hard to go to concerts l have copd


Look at those two beautiful ladies! Dolly & Reba what a show😃


That right there is #CountryMusicRoyalty ! Love them both 😍. Best Opry show ever ! Both of the shows were amazing !


I love you Reba but not Dolly anymore since she doesn't like our President or the USA


Y'all are so pretty!!


Beautiful ladies


Love you Ladies!


U r a pretty lady, Reba


OMG 😲👧🏻👧🏼 double trouble X 2❗️😘👌


Super sweet!!❤️❤️


Two smart beautiful ladies!!! Love love love!!! ♥️🎶👏🏽

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