The Champs are Back! #NBAMediaDay

The Champs are Back! #NBAMediaDay






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@trending_boy9 you definitely not worth talking too, you have no loyalty.


@antsnow619 I鈥檓 a lebron fan


Eh Miedo Que Da Esa Vaina @msarante_


Smile if you only have one twitter account


poor zaza


The Golden State Chocker


Wheres zaza


@nba where can you get the low cut socks


Dirtiest team of all time


CAVS are too lit this year


@yeahhh.lil_dae14 You are honestly dumb nearly everyone knows the Warriors are gonna win just because they added these new people and stars doesn鈥檛 make them , beat the Warriors automatically people like you try to deny it, because you don鈥檛 want it to happen


@phillinkiller my comment is no where as dumb as you if you think the warriors are going to repeat this season


@yeahhh.lil_dae14 most dumb comment I鈥檝e ever heard


Yall lames can't beat the cavs this year. That is if make it pass okc


Smile if you're not a snake


El diablo se la va a llevar con la nueva alineaci贸n de las cvas

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